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It also perfectly suited her own personal circumstances.

She was 22 and still single at a time when many women married at 18, and being called Miss at her age implied she was ‘on the shelf’, she said.‘The first thing that employers wanted to know about you was whether you were married yet,’ she once said.

Set into motion by the arrival of George Steinbrenner, the past 25 years have seen enormous triumphs, devastating losses, and everything in between for America’s favorite team.

is wonderfully unique because of the remarkable anecdotes throughout the book that only Maury Allen knows – his intimate knowledge of the Yankees comes from having lived with the players, traveled with them, and having documented their doings over the last quarter of a century. MEMORIES OF THE MICK Photography by Bob Olen Foreword by Pulitzer Prize winning David Halberstam In this gracefully written memoir, veteran New York sportswriter Maury Allen shows us that the magic of Mickey Mantle is eternal.

But it had fallen into obscurity by the time civil rights activist Sheila Michaels, who has died from leukaemia in New York, spotted it on the address label of a Marxist publication that had been sent to her flatmate in 1961.

She initially thought it was a typing error but it reminded her of how women in the American South would traditionally be called Miz as a way to combine Miss and Mrs.

It was believed that the cave was one end of a passage of a subterranean nature that moves more than fifteen miles long and passes through under the strait of Gibraltar, and further legend says that the Barbary Apes, or Gibraltar Monkeys entered Gibraltar from Morocco from this passage long ago.

St Michael’s Cave is a series, or network, of caves made of limestone, which are found on the Rock, or the Rock of Gibraltar.

St Michaels Cave is located on what is called the Upper Rock, inside the Upper Rock Nature Reserve of Gibraltar and sites at a dizzying height of well over 300 metres above sea level.

‘I’d be damned if I’d bow to them.’Determined to promote a title that did not denote a woman’s marital status, Ms Michaels – as she naturally preferred to be called – waged what she said was a ‘timid eight-year crusade’ to persuade others to use it.

However, her efforts were at first ignored by fellow feminists who thought there were more important priorities.